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Dance Coach Daisy-Jane lynch

daisy janeDaisy fell in love with dance at the tender age of only two and a half. From that first ballet and tap lesson, it was all she ever wanted to do. Saturdays from then on evolved around all the different disciplines of dance, taking her grades in ballet, tap,modern jazz, street and disco. Where possible she would take extra workshops with professional choreographers from The Birmingham Royal Ballet and also backing dancers for famous pop stars. She also gained experience in other types of dance she hadn’t already trained in, ranging from Irish, Lyrical, Breakdance and many more. 

By attending two different stage schools, Daisy has picked up many different styles of teaching, in the three disciplines, Signing, Dancing and Drama. She received the highest marks in drama at GCSE and A level and even took English Literature to help her with Play script reading.

Now aged twenty-two, Daisy is running her own successful business in Children’s Entertainment and holds camps and classes to allow children the freedom to express themselves through the arts and have fun. As Daisy has matured she has decided it was teaching and passing on her passion for performing arts that she wanted to do and feels that through working for My Stage School, teaching children who are at the start of their experimentation with the arts, is a dream come true. Our young students just adore Daisy, she has a very natural way with them.



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